Marie Raffy

Ice Cream - Crown Your Love

Chaumet|Crown Your Love

Elisabeth Vogler
The Red Ceiling

Ice Cream - Infaillible


Charlotte Wales

Ice Cream - Fashion Show 2021

Dior|Fashion Show 2021

Fabien Baron
North Six

Ice Cream - Vouch

Kevin Gates|Vouch

Julien Soulier

Ice Cream - Unboring The Future

Peugeot|Unboring The Future

Julien Soulier

Ice Cream - FFJ

Credit Agricole|FFJ

Karim Ansel
La Pac

Ice Cream - Christmas Campaign

Louis Vuitton|Christmas Campaign

Adrien Wagner
La Pac

Ice Cream - Je T’embete

Mowdee|Je T’embete

Karim Ansel
Very Content